About PMG

about pyramid molding group

Pyramid Molding Group is the parent company of Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics. The decision to combine the talent and expertise of toolmaker and molder to offer a holistic approach to our customers was an easy choice.

Being in business for over 50 years within the plastics industry and with three generations of leadership, we are unapologetically adaptive. Embracing adaptation and evolution has been the driving force behind our longevity. We focus on continuous improvement: evolving our systems, equipment, people, processes, and technology.

Industrial Molds manufactures the tooling necessary for plastic-injection molding presses. The Industrial Molds team will work with you through proof of concept, design engineering, and mold building.

Pyramid Plastics is a custom injection-molding facility. The Pyramid team does more than manufacture complex, difficult-to-mold components, however. They offer a full array of complementary services, from assembly, welding, and printing to the warehousing and distribution of your product.

The synergy among our sister companies is strong, giving our customers peace of mind. With our streamlined operations, we are consistently dependable, adaptable, and responsive, always ready to meet your needs.

From idea to shelf and anywhere in between...we are your Single Source Manufacturing Partner.