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industrial molds

Industrial Molds has earned the reputation of being a top-tier precision mold manufacturer since 1968.

Why? Well for starters, we’re a highly automated, state of the art manufacturer of injection molds, serving the automotive, medical, consumer product, and electronics industries. Our value is derived through the precision and efficiency of the planning processes that control our manufacturing. We pride ourselves on close collaboration between your team and ours, producing innovative, consistent results.

Our experienced project engineers work closely with your design, engineering, and manufacturing teams, maintaining constant communication throughout the lifespan of a project, from concept to completion. Careful planning of every detail leads to a clear plan for success before manufacturing ever begins. Each manufacturing phase flows simultaneously through every department to leverage the skill and expertise of our talented mold manufacturing professionals. All departments have been streamlined with the latest technology and equipment, all primed for accuracy and productivity.

We are fully optimized and automated, using pallets, fixturing, robots, automatic laser tool measuring, pre-setters, and parts probing. Our inspection and metrology department tracks each part throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring high quality standards are met at every stage. Our efficient mold assembly is the result of careful planning, and each mold is validated prior to every shipment, ensuring productivity the day your mold is installed.

Industrial Molds has the depth, capacity, and commitment to deliver the quality you need.

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