High School Students Visit Industrial Molds


Pyramid Molding Group (PMG) makes a conscious effort to work with the youth of our community and introduce them to the world of manufacturing. We connect with students as early as their freshman year and continue to grow with them as they make career and college decisions as seniors. We volunteer time to assist with mock interviews, job fairs, tours, and even job shadows.

On February 1st, we were pleased to welcome eight juniors from Guilford High School for a job shadow day at Industrial Molds! These students are all part of the Production Academy through the Rockford Public School (RPS) district. RPS offers students four academies that allow students to take courses that are catered to their career pathway. For Production Academy students, these courses can include engineering, construction, industrial technology, and fabrication courses. As they proceed through the academy, they can participate in different events to further immerse them in their future career field. “By introducing the students to Industrial Molds, they can better understand the process of building plastic injection tools and hopefully pique their interest in the field. I can then stay connected with them and potentially offer them a position post-graduation,” says Brooke Pond, Corporate Recruiter.

Students started the morning getting to know many of our key team members. They learned that manufacturing, Industrial Molds especially, allows employees various opportunities to get to the career of their dreams through different training programs and professional development programs. Students were then guided through our facility by PMG COO, Andrew Peterson. After that, students were able to break into three job shadow groups; engineering, CNC operation, and quality inspection). Through this experience, students were able to work alongside our team and even assist in operating machinery.

“Being in a highly technical and complex industry, students were a little “deer in the headlights” during our introduction section of the morning. But post job shadow they were full of questions and seemed to fully grasp everything they had seen and learned,” says Becca Peterson, Director of Business and Community Development. We finished the day with lunch, treats, and Q&A session. The students were very engaged and a pleasure to have at Industrial Molds!